Bleaching units in Panipat operating without registering with state's pollution control board

Last Modified: Thu Jun 25 2020 07:08:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 150 - 200
    Number of bleaching units operating in Panipat district. At these units, colour of old clothes is chemically removed and made white. Later, the bleached clothes are used for manufacturing yarn.
  • Jun 2020
    Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) responds to query by Vaibhav Deswal, an RTI activist, who sought information about the number of legal and illegal industries and bleaching units operational in the textile city. The pollution control board confirmed not a single bleaching unit in the district are registered with HSPCB. In effect, all the units are operating illegally.
  • 18 Jun 2020
    S. Narayanan, Member Secretary HSPCB, takes up the matter with the field officers of HSPCB & District Administration of Panipat. A Committee has been constituted by DC Panipat today with Senior officers of Revenue, DTP and HSVP as Members and RO, HSPCB as convenor to conduct special drives and initiate action against such illegal units.
  • 26
    Units sealed and and their electricity connections disconnected in 2 days since 20 Jun by the committee. Shailender Arora, regional officer, HSPCB, said the joint committee under the supervision of the SDO, HSPCB, resealed 7 illegal units in Nimbri village, 2 units in Jalpar village, 3 in Kurar village with 3 units found to be dismantled, 9 units on Panipat-Rohtak road, 3 units in Naultha village and 6 in Dahar village.