The EGOT club: An elite group of artists who have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards

Last Modified: Fri Jul 31 2020 21:03:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
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    Number of artists that have won at least 1 of each of these 4 awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.
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    Richard Rogers: The first ever person to complete an EGOT, he was known for his work with the 'King and I' and 'The Sound of Music'.
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    Helen Hayes: She took longer than anyone else to complete her EGOT. She received her Oscars 38 years apart.
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    Rita Moreno: She won her Oscar for playing Anita in "West Side Story" and one of her Emmys for appearing on "The Muppet Show".
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    John Glelgud: He completed his EGOT at age 87 with an Emmy in 1991. His Oscar was for one of his most famous roles: the valet, Hobson in the movie "Arthur".
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    Audrey Hepburn: She won her Oscar for "Roman Holiday" and her Tony when she was in her 20s. 4 decades later she completed her EGOT circuit.
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    Mervin Hamlisch: He won 3 Oscars and 1 Grammy for his contributions to "The Way We Were"as well as a Tony for scoring "A Chorus Line".
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    Jonathan Tunlck: He finished his EGOT over a span of 20 years after receiving a Tony for the 1997 musical "Titanic".
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    Mel Brooks: His "Producers" screenplay won him an Oscars as well as 3 Tonys and 2 Grammys when it was turned into a 2001 musical.
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    Whoopi Goldberg: She won her Oscar for her performance in 1990's "Ghost" and one of her Emmys for outstanding talk show host on "The View".
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    Scott Rudin: He won his Oscar for "No Country For Old Men" and his production of "The Book Of Mormon" won him both a Tony and a Grammy.
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    Robert Lopez: He is the first ever double EGOT winner. His song "Let it Go" written with his wife for "Frozen", won the Oscar for best original song.
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    Mike Nichols: He won an Oscar for directing "The Graduate", 4 Emmys and 9 Tony awards, most recently for his directing of "Death of a Salesman".
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    John Legend: At 39, he became one of the youngest EGOT winners as well as a the first African-American men to snag the honor.
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    Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber: Joined the club in 2018 thanks to "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert".
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    Tim Rice: Joined the club in 2018 thanks to "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert".
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    Alan Menken: Joined the club on 26 Jul 2020 winning an Emmy for best original song in a children's, young adult or animated program for a song he composed for the Disney Channel's "Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure."