Assi River (Varanasi): Water quality and pollution control initiatives

Last Modified: Fri Nov 27 2020 00:00:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 106 kms
    Approximate length of the Varuna river, a minor tributary of the Ganga, which is named after the god Varuna, the god of water. The river rises from Melhum at Phulpur in Allahabad district at 25°27′N, 82°18′E and flows east-to-southeast via Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, and enters Varanasi in order to finally merge in the Ganga at Sarai Mohana. The rivulet that borders the city of Varanasi at its south and joins the Ganga at Asi Ghat is known as Assi or Asi river. The name Varanasi itself is interpreted to be derived from combination of ‘Varuna’ and ‘Asi’ on the name of rivers.
  • 3.5 kms
    Length of the Assi river. It meanders through some very densely populated built up areas that directly discharge wastewater into the river. All along there has been severe encroachment of the river bed and channel and in the absence of adequate solid waste collection much garbage and sewage find their way into the river and ultimately the Ganga.
  • 400 million litres
    Sewage generated in the city of Varanasi each day. Only 102 MLD (Million Litres per Day) is treated at the 3 sewage treatment plants currently in operation. Untreated sewage drains into the Varuna and Assi rivers and ultimately flows into the Ganga.
  • 70 million litres
    Estimated sewage that drains into the Assi river each day. The Wazidpur drain carries around 54 MLD comprising mostly industrial waste. The polluted water from both the river/drain ultimately end in the in Ganga.
  • 50 MLD
    Capacity of the Ramana STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) proposed to be set up to treat sewage before it enters the Assi river. The project will be implemented as part of the Namami Gange programme for Varanasi.