Status of expenditure from District Mineral Foundation Funds - Odisha [Feb 2021]

Last Modified: Fri Apr 30 2021 16:12:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • Rs. 12185.80 crore
    Total collection into the state's District Mineral Foundation fund since its inception in 2015. DMF fund is to be spent on improving human development indicators through investments in high-priority areas such as healthcare, education, women and child development, improving sustainable livelihood, and income opportunities in areas adversely affected by mining.
  • Rs. 5593.43 crore
    Spent - 45.9%
  • Rs 6592.37 crore
    Unspent balance - (55.10%)
  • ₹266 crore
    Allocated from the District Mineral Foundation (DMF) Trust of Sundargarh for the development of Bhubaneswar’s Kalinga Stadium and construction of an international hockey stadium in Rourkela ahead of Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2023. The ₹356.38 crore project was approved by the Odisha cabinet on 25 Mar 2021 - yet another instance of misuse of the funds. According to Laxman Munda, CPM MLA from Bonai in Sundargarh, the people in Sundargarh don’t have access to safe drinking water and proper roads and the funds should be spent on for these instead.
  • ₹4.65 crore
    Spent from the Sundargarh DMF fund for purchasing 25 Innova Crysta vehicles for the Rourkela city police in Jan 2020 - another case of misdirected used of the funds. According to Kusum Tete, BJP MLA of Sundargarh, “Rourkela city is not a mining area while most of my electorate bear the brunt of pollution due to coal and iron ore mining. The government is using DMF funds for sports infra in Rourkela, and policing. Should it not have used the money for providing piped water in Sundargarh?”