US: Labor in the trucking industry

Last Modified: Wed May 26 2021 07:30:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 2 million
    Estimated number of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making trucking one of the largest occupations in America.
  • 300,000 - 500,000
    According to government estimates, the number of long-haul truckers in America. Long-haul refers to truck drivers who have to travel long distances across state lines.
  • 450,000
    New commercial driver's licenses that state governments issue each year, according to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. A large fraction of those drivers enter the long-haul trucking industry.
  • 48
    The average age of American truck driver.
  • 90%
    According to the American Trucking Associations ' (ATA) statistics, the average annual turnover rate for long-haul truckers at big trucking companies. It has been this high for decades. That means, for example, if a company has 10 truckers, nine will be gone within a year.
  • $47,130
    Median annual income of truck drivers. This compares favorably with other blue-collar occupations, but long-haul truckers commonly work extremely long hours, often 60 to 70 hours per week or more.
  • 52.3 cents
    Amount the average truck driver gets paid per mile, , according to the Department of Transportation. Unlike other industries, drivers are typically not paid by the hour. Instead, they are typically paid only for the number of miles they drive. Even if weather or traffic slows them down and extends their working day, they get paid the same. Moreover, they're not compensated for the significant time it takes to load or unload their trucks. And they're not compensated for their "off time," even though they're miles and miles away from home.