Adoption of rooftop solar by commercial and industrial (C&I) units in India

Last Modified: Fri Jun 04 2021 06:53:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 30% - 40%
    The energy costs borne by commercial and industrial (C&I) units in India as a portion of their operational expenses. Embracing solar seems like the most logical step towards saving the cost, and the pandemic has only accelerated that decision. However, C&I consumers are enduring challenges every step of the way when installing a solar system.
  • 50%
    Percentage by which rooftop solar tariffs are lower than the retail tariffs, in most states, making rooftop solar the cheapest source of power with the flexibility of design to suit the needs of the consumers.
  • 49%
    of the electricity generated in India is consumed by the C&I sector.
  • 3.5%
    of the power procured by India’s C&I segment is from renewable energy sources, according to Shriprakash Rai, Senior Director, and Head, C&I Business at Amp Energy.
  • 4
    Number of reasons the segment with such immense market potential and alluring price benefits still lags in its adoption of rooftop solar:
  • #1
    A prime challenge in the post-pandemic climate is market volatility. Developers are unable to close deals amid fluctuating project costs. "Module prices are rising within weeks even before developers get approval on a module quote from the clients, making it difficult to give quotes or submit project reports for loans,” according to multiple project developers.
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    Inordinate delays in obtaining net metering approvals from various govt agencies and DISCOMs.
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    Delays in processing of loans by banks and funding agencies.
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    Ambivalence in net metering policy framed by the govt.