U.S. coal fired power plant retired in 2021

Last Modified: Tue Aug 03 2021 08:58:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 1,076 MW
    of coal power plant capacity, across 7 units in 6 plants, retired from Jan - Apr 2021.
  • 105 MW
    DuPont shut down the final 2 operating units at the Spruance Non Utility Generating plant located at DuPont’s Spruance manufacturing plant in Richmond, VA. The units were retired on 12 Jan.
  • 75 MW
    Dunkirk Power and its parent company NRG Energy retired unit 2 of its 627 MW Dunkirk Steam Station. The unit was retired in Feb 2021. The plant has been 'Out of Service' since 2016 anyway and decommissioning began last year.
  • 242 MW
    Birchwood Power Facility in King George County, VA, was closed on 01 Mar 2021, roughly a year after then-joint owners J-POWER and GE Power publicly announced its retirement due to “market trends and facility economics.” GE Power has since sold its share of the project. Talks are on to redevelop the site as a solar and energy storage facility in another move by Virginia’s power sector away from fossil fuels to renewables.
  • 258 MW
    Duke Energy retired Unit 3 of the 1,140 MW Allen Steam Station located in Gaston County, North Carolina in Mar 2021. As per filings submitted with state regulators in Sep 2018, it has announced closure of all 5 units of the over a period of 10 years, the first 3 by 2024.
  • 54 MW
    The Lewis and Clark Station coal-fired power plant in Sidney, owned by Montana-Dakota Utilities delivered its last megawatt at 8 am 31 Mar 2021. 30 people worked at the power plant.
  • 342 MW
    Lakeland Electric began decommissioning of the Unit 3 of its C D McIntosh Jr on 31 Mar. "It makes no sense to continue spending money on coal-based operation past March," Joel Ivy, Lakeland Electric's general manager, previously told city commissioners. Ivy said the utility spent significant money fixing various issues with Unit 3 last summer, causing the coal plant to be frequently offline. Lakeland Electric has estimated it can save $13.1 million by decommissioning Unit 3 early (formerly planned closure was 2024). Around 60 jobs will be impacted.