Arrears and recovery of amounts charged for water supplied by Jayakwadi Dam administration

Last Modified: Sun Aug 29 2021 08:08:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 5,500,000
    Estimated number of people living in cities including Aurangabad, Jalna and Ahmednagar and in nearly 450 small and large villages are being supplied with drinking water daily from the Jayakwadi dam.
  • Rs. 94 crore
    Cumulative arrears in unpaid bills for water supplied by the Jayakwadi Dam administration as of May 2021. Jayakwadi dam supplies water for irrigation, companies and drinking purpose. Farmers in Aurangabad, Jalna and Parbhani districts avail of water from the dam as do various industries in Waluj, Paithan MIDC as well as small and large companies in Gangapur, Kaygaon, Bhendala and Babargaon. Multiple local governing bodies and several villages in the region depend on the dam too.
  • Rs. 20 crore
    Amount due from various municipal corporations, councils and water schemes. Aurangabad municipal corporation and Jalna, Paithan municipal council have a large amount of water bill pending. AMC has a pending of Rs 15.18 crore, Jalna municipal council has Rs 1.83 crore and Paithan Rs 2.22 crore, while Gangapur municipal council has a water bill of Rs 6 lakhs pending. Apart from this, Shevgaon-Pathardi joint water supply scheme in Ahmednagar district has Rs 23.99 lakh and 7 water supply schemes in Nevasa, Pravarasangam, Bodhegaon and Galnimb have a total of Rs 18.56 lakh pending bills.
  • Rs. 30.82 crore
    Amount due from industrial sector. The Jayakwadi dam supplies water to various companies in Waluj, Paithan MIDC as well as small and large companies in Gangapur, Kaygaon, Bhendala and Babargaon. Besides, water is also supplied to Sant Eknath Sugar Factory (Paithan), Samarth Sugar Factory (Ambad, Jalna) and Gangamai Sugar Industry (Babhulgaon) in Nagar district.
  • Rs. 26 crore
    Amount recovered in 2020-21 against a target of Rs. 20 crore. he target of recovery of Rs 1.5 crore from 1.30 lakh farmers coming under the left canal irrigation area was also achieved. Executive engineer Prashant Jadhav said that Rs 1.79 crore was recovered from farmers in Aurangabad, Jalna and Parbhani districts. Rs 23.19 crore was recovered from the industrial sector. Rs 1.41 crore has been recovered from the local self-governing bodies like municipal corporation, municipal council and gram panchayat.