Red Chilli production in Pakistan

Last Modified: Mon Nov 15 2021 09:04:53 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  • 126,943 tonnes
    Annual production of red chilli in Pakistan in FY2018-19. Cultivated over 47,349 hectares. Yield: 2,680 kgs / hectare. Sindh province is the major producer of chilli followed by Punjab and Balochistan.
  • 108,000 tonnes
    Annual production of Red Chilli in Sindh province of Pakistan. The province accounts for nearly 85% of the country's produce. Cultivated over 40,000 hectares. Yield: 2,700 kgs / hectare.
  • 40,000 hectares
    Area under cultivation of red chilli in Sindh province. Major areas include Umerkot and Mirpurkas districts. Kunri tehsil in Umerkot was once known as the ‘chilli capital of Asia’ and still has the country’s biggest chilli bazar of Pakistan.
  • 160,000
    Number of farmers in Kunri alone, according to the Market Development Facility, that are engaged in the cultivation of chilli.